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September 13th, 2008

It’s been more than a month since I’ve been up to check on the progress.  I guess I was slacking off, but the guys I play golf with wanted to go play other golf courses (Encino, Balboa and then Harding).  As you can see from the photo the progress of construction is significant.  The walls and some of the windows are installed (although still covered). It would also seem that the roofing materials are staged for installation.

Sorry for the crummy photo but this is the standard view that I’ve been documenting since the demolition of the old place.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed this blog to a WordPress site.  Previously I was using just a static web page that I would load up with everything.  It lacked organization or interactivity.  Therefore I’ve worked on getting the entire blog moved over to this new site.  You can still see the old site here.  At this point I don’t know if I will be able to import everything from the old site or not.  I may just leave the old stuff where it is and put new entries here from now on.

Shelly was asking to see this blog.   She said she was having trouble finding it through Google.  I just tried it and it came up second to a company in Tulsa called De Bell Construction.  Anyway, I hope she finds this blog and leaves a comment so I know she saw it.  I’m hoping this site encourages more interactivity.

Here are a couple of other photos from today:

The building is taking shape.

The roofing looks ready to be installed.

Something tells me the new clubhouse will be worth the wait.  By the way, the old whiteboard has not been updated.  Perhaps I made too much of it.  Sorry, Scott.

I saw J.J. for the first time in a while.  It makes my universe feel safe to see him still out there.  It was fun hearing him being teased about the number of “X’s” on his scorecard.

2 Responses to “September 13th, 2008”

  1. 1
    Scott-the Director of Golf:

    Hey David, saw your posting about the white board not being updated. Unfortunately I decided not to update the board anymore because about 3 months ago someone tried to be creative and write in what they thought was funny about the progression of the project. So instead of me giving a monthly update, everyone will have to wait until the end. I guess the one bad apple spoiled the bunch. But I will report that all indications lead to us being open before the end of the year. Thanks and you are doing a great job with this site.

  2. 2
    Jason-BMGC Tournament Dir.:

    Scott is being very diplomatic, but I think he knows who the bad apple may be. His name rhymes with “Ron Dell”. When I emailed you a few months back the general consensus was that the clubhouse wouldn’t open until at least March. All of us at the club are glad that they’re still on schedule to open in December. Let’s just hope we won’t be staring into a completed clubhouse for three months waiting for the Certificate of Occupancy to be issued.

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